‘Kairos Company’ is committing to championing a culture of prayer in the Church, to empowering prayer in all Believers, and to mobilising corporate prayer and worship gatherings. In 2018, we are offering an internship for those that would like to:

• Grow in their understanding of prayer, both personal and corporate;

• Serve the Body of Christ in hands-on ways, so as to gain an understanding and appreciation of church administration;

• Receive experience in running and participating in prayer and worship gatherings;

• Focus intentionally on spiritual growth and personal development, with a focus on extended devotional times and bible study.

The internship is unique in that it is designed to provide a deeper appreciation and understanding of mobilising corporate prayer in the context of the wider Church. Interns will have practical experience in serving different churches in the Body of Christ, and in being part of organising city-wide prayer and worship gatherings.


The Internship will be about 30 hours a week for practical work, study and assignments. This allows space for part-time work. The 30-hours will consist of approximately 20 hours a week hands-on practical experience, and 10 hours of study, with variance between the different core components on some weeks.


The internship runs for one year, with the exact start and end dates to be discussed with applicants.


To be advised (details still being finalised)

(NB. The fees cover the costs associated with the internship, and does not include accommodation and living expenses. Interns are responsible for their own living costs for the duration of the internship. If you are applying from overseas, please contact us to discuss further.)


Interns are encouraged to join a local congregation for the duration of their time in Tauranga. Interns are also mentored by leaders in the Body of Christ, and will receive pastoral care and guidance as part of the program.


Applicants are encouraged to speak with their leaders for guidance as to their participation in the internship.

Please use the form below to apply, and contact us at for further information.