About Kairos Company

‘Kairos’ means an opportunity, season or appointed time in which to take action. In the New Testament, it’s used to refer to the appointed times in the purposes of God. There are unique moments in time where something is about to happen, and we are compelled to respond to what it is the Lord is doing. ‘Kairos’ speaks of a moment in which things have ‘come to a head’, and of the journey in God of responding to His heart. His desire is that we would be a ‘house of prayer for all nations’. (Isaiah 56:7)

At the conception of this ministry in 2017, we began as ‘Pray Tauranga’ with the purpose to gather together in prayer for our city, but also for our nation – it was both simultaneously. Our desire was to enter into the burden and direction of the heart of God in these moments of time, and to put the call out to all who would respond. At the start of 2018, we called a 40-day fast for the south pacific, and individuals and communities responded from across New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. Our kairos moment was, and is, to lay hold of the promises of God for this region and this time we are in.

In a ‘kairos’ moment, Jesus invited the disciples to pray with Him in the garden. This appointed time was an invitation to share His burden, and join with the Father’s heart with what was about to take place. The invitation was to identify with what the Spirit of God was doing, and rightly respond.

Paul also discerned the ‘kairos’ moment in time in which the Holy Spirit was inviting him into, and did not hesitate to go to Jerusalem even though it seemed to others to be an unwise decision. We see Paul discerning the ‘kairos’ moment, and he followed the leading of God into this assignment.

We too have this invitation set before us – to recognise the moment in history we are in, and discern our day of visitation so we can step into the assignment of God. (‘kairos’ used in Luke 19:44)

‘Kairos Company’ is a People after God’s heart, and those that embody the heart cry: ‘the Spirit and the Bride say come.’

This is our appointed time, and our moment to lay hold of the promises of God. We believe we are in an unprecedented moment in history where a great shift is taking place. There is a mobilisation of the Body of Christ, and a united People are rising and joining together to see a world reached with the love of Christ.

Will you respond to the call, and join your voices to see a great outpouring of His Spirit that is unto the Great Harvest?

“Kairos Company” is led by Stephen and Rechelle Hanson. Stephen and Rechelle serve on the leadership team at Hope Centre Tauranga. They are both dedicated to equipping and empowering a generation into a lifestyle of wholehearted devotion and intimacy with God, and in seeing the Body of Christ become “a house of prayer for all nations”.

The contributors to the resource section are from across the Body of Christ.